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About CWC

Community Who Cares is located in Norwood, NC, and was started by our dedicated and visionary leaders cementing a better future for all. We are a transformative community development organization dedicated to fostering the emotional and physical enrichment of members of all ages. Our Non- Profit has grown into an impactful Community Movement to emphasize transparency in everything we do, empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities, advocating for changes with a real impact, setting bold goals, and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to the changes of society. We invite you to learn more about how you can make an impact.

About the founder

Before the nonprofit was created, Mr. Grover would have a project to clean up the communities  in the Stanly County area. He would gather men and challenge them to take their community  back by picking up trash in the senior citizen's neighborhoods and along the highway to preserve  what they called home. In collaboration with the city, we will demolish and remove old  structures used for drug houses and beautify the communities with landscaping. The cleanup  project expanded as more men became mentored by Community Who Cares, team. Community  Who Cares will advertise the cleanup each year, and many businesses and other nonprofits will  join to make the event special. In the last two years, we ended the cleanup in Norwood, and there  will be a festival. We have vendors, food, music, and a ceremony at the festival to recognize the  residents that cleaned the community throughout the year. Last year, we had former NFL players,  the Mecklenburg County Sheriff, local police, the Mayor of Norwood, Chief of Police from every county that made up Stanly County. Community Who Cares goal is to have 100 men be a  part of giving back to their communities through our Mentorship Program.  

Big or Small We Need Everyone, Help Us Succeed Today

Our Mission

Community Who Cares mission is to educate, mentor, and restore the gaps in low-economic communities that impact generational families so they can be productive in society. Community Who Cares hopes to increase our presence in all NC communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower leaders to take back their communities by creating businesses and teaching skills that will enhance their abilities to be economical and resourceful. Community Who Cares partners with other companies and organizations to support our community and help individuals be self-sufficient.

Meet The Board Members


Grover Shankle



Edwina Shankle

Vice President


Cathy Holland



Vicky Watkins



Joyce Baldwin

Board Member


Anthony Ledbetter

Board Member

CWC Programs for the community

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